Jack Dawson’s Plot

I wrote this some years ago, originally for a radio play competition run by Leeds Writers Circle. I have hesitated to put in on the site for a number of reasons, some of which are explained in Pangolin 6. The cliches, like the puns, are deliberate. This version has stage directions. If any dramatist out […]


“Isn’t it grand,” I say to Mary Jane, setting my eyes on the other side of the dale, but letting my hand venture through the heather towards hers. “Yes, it is too beautiful, Arthur,” she speaks, just as she sings, with a voice of pure silver. She is wearing a broad straw hat, each weft […]

The Cyclist

I had slept with the bike, as usual. I woke to the swish of Pia sweeping the compound and to the honking of the cranes as they took off from their roost. I sat up and rubbed my sore eyes. A sound was missing. I emerged from the thatched shelter as the sun lit up […]