Pangolin Issue 57

Today’s Pangolin emerges at dusk on the longest day of 2020, which also happens to be Father’s Day. I have received some lovely cards and presents from the offspring, including this notebook with a lino-cut of the Pacific Ocean off Mexico as its front cover. Our children are an artistic lot, thanks to my wife’s […]

Pangolin Issue 56

To some of us this is a ginnel, to others a snicket, but given the state we’re in, we won’t argue about these finer nuances of the language. Had I shown you a picture of a scone, and asked you how to pronounce it, then we might have had issues, but we’ll not go there. […]

Pangolin Issue 55

Last month I wrote of the anticipated tsunami of Covid-19 cases, and expected those times in March to feel light years away from now. Not light years for me, as it turns out, though it must feel like that for relatives of the dead, for those who are seriously ill or are working full-tilt day […]

Pangolin Issue 54

What else can I say? In a fortnight when we would have been writing and painting somewhere in Southern France, we are staying home as much as possible, like everyone else. As we await the roiling peak of the Covid-19 tsunami, what else is there to write but ‘be still and know that you are […]

Pangolin Issue 52

Pangolin 51 featured a picture of a very home-made baby pangolin, its predecessor (50) showed off my laundry, so this lunar month we are going for something classier. Here’s a view of the lake close to the Cundallhouse. Those who don’t know Leeds, one of the greenest cities in the country, may find it hard […]

Pangolin Issue 51

Pangolin 51 will go out on Boxing Day 2019 so, unlike Pangolin 50, which was late, this one is prepared for launching in advance. We expect to have 10 adults and 8 grandchildren so the Cundallhouse will be heaving. The family have evolved a fancy-dress tradition for Christmas Day. In recent years we’ve had Pirates, […]

Pangolin Issue 48

‘Serendipity helps the world go round’ says Dr Raj, a minor character in my current work in progress. Is he right? The Cambridge English Dictionary defines serendipity as: the fact of finding interesting or valuable things by chance. A stronger word than coincidence or happenchance, serendipity carries with it a hint of destiny. For this […]