Pangolin Issue 48

‘Serendipity helps the world go round’ says Dr Raj, a minor character in my current work in progress. Is he right? The Cambridge English Dictionary defines serendipity as: the fact of finding interesting or valuable things by chance. A stronger word than coincidence or happenchance, serendipity carries with it a hint of destiny. For this […]

Pangolin Issue 46

It was the colour of the termite mound that turned my head. My brother and I were wandering through the Botanical Gardens in Entebbe a couple of weeks ago. He was busy identifying trees and I was happy to see some of their resident colobus monkeys. We have both seen plenty of termite mounds in […]

Pangolin Issue 45

I have become a serial killer. There, I’ve said it. I’ll start my story with last weekend’s discovery at the Cundallhouse – that it probably wasn’t the magpies what done it, after all. My avid Twitter followers, all 213 of them, may remember that I accused magpies of chopping up the wire leading to the […]

Pangolin Issue 44

Walking my grand-daughter back from a children’s party on 12th May, a kerfuffle of feathers fell in front of us, close enough for me to take this photo with an ordinary phone. A sparrowhawk with a collared dove impaled on its talons – not an everyday sight on our city’s cobbles. I have been thinking […]

Pangolin Issue 43

This Pangolin has scuttled out of its burrow a bit late in the day, but at least I have not missed the date completely. It was waiting in a queue behind a splurge of writing for Tamsin Hopkins, my mentor for the second novel. The last ten days included a long weekend in the Conwy […]

Pangolin Issue 42

As Spring stutters, with snow on the high Pennines this week, my thoughts turn to, er, kitchen refurbishment. Not my favourite subject but, to be fair, it was me who first mentioned the idea in the Cundallhouse. If we replace our old gas hob and oven with a new induction hob and electric oven we […]

Pangolin Issue 41

Last month’s Pangolin featured some artwork by my mindful soulmate. This month we can admire her photo of the amazing view from our hosts’ garden as we have ten days’ holiday in Madeira. Where does your eye take you? The bird of paradise flowers in the foreground? The big palm in the centre? The church […]

Pangolin Issue 40

This brilliant painting by my mindful soulmate heralds the theme of Pangolin 40. We have made three trips to Meanwood Beck, within earshot of Leeds ring-road, since my last Pangolin was published. On each occasion we have seen a kingfisher, on the second we saw it take a fish. We then watched this amazing bird […]