Pangolin Issue 54

What else can I say? In a fortnight when we would have been writing and painting somewhere in Southern France, we are staying home as much as possible, like everyone else. As we await the roiling peak of the Covid-19 tsunami, what else is there to write but ‘be still and know that you are loved.’

I put up this poster on the noticeboard outside church, along with an invitation to folk to post their prayer requests through the church letter box. This very amateur-looking 20th-century solution sits alongside the excellent 21st century online prayer wall developed by Paul, our lay worker, on behalf of the local churches together.

There are, of course, other things to say, write, and do. Nurturing those we love, listening to the words of wise people like Dr Rachel Clarke, following official instructions about staying at home and safe distancing.

If you would like some light relief, here is my biography of a noun, a piece of non-fiction I wrote a few years ago. I hope to be writing Pangolin 55 in four weeks’ time, which will feel like light years away from now. Stay safe.

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